Eclau: Executive Summary in English

Eclau (Espace Coworking LAUsanne) is the oldest coworking space in Lausanne. It was set up in 2008 by Stephanie Booth. We mainly speak French in the coworking space but most of us speak English well, or are even native bilinguals. If you're looking for a place to work where you can practice your French, here we are! But we're happy to speak English if that's what you want.

Membership comes in three flavours: 1 day/week (a set day) at 150.-/month, full-time (with a key) at 250.-/month, and fixed desk at 400.-/month. Payment and commitment on a month-by-month basis. Members who commit and pay for six months at a time get a substantial discount (180.- instead of 250.- for full-time membership and 330.- instead of 400.- for fixed desk membership).

Locker, coffee, and friendly cat included. We usually have lunch together. 

Are you a travelling member from another coworking space? Eclau is part of the Coworking Visa. With us, you get 3 days free, and we will work out an offer covering your needs if you are staying longer than that. (Usually involving the tip-jar...)

Please do not drop in unannounced (we are working, after all) but get in touch so we can invite you to join us for lunch.